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PlasDECK is a PVC teak look alike boat decking that provides the finished look of a teak deck without any of the time-consuming and costly maintenance associated with natural wood teak. It is also great for replacing wet or worn carpet, interior or exterior.

PlasDECK has the appearance of real teak decking, yet never fades into that grey weathered look. PlasDECK will always look like well-maintained teak but without the hassle.

PlasDECK is specially formulated with ingredients that will prevent the material from drying out or cracking over time. It also has the highest possible UV protection to prevent fading, anti-fungal inhibitors, superior adhesion and PlasDECK is the only synthetic teak decking option that's made in the USA.

Aslin Boat Building will come to your boat, expertly pattern your interior or exterior deck, manufacture and then install the product as complete seamless glued down mats.

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