Ullman Sails
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Nov 2018:

I have recently toured the Ullman sails loft in Detroit and was very impressed with the sail design and quality of finish of the sails, both traditional high quality dacron and Ullman's "Fiberpath" performance sails. This is definitely the answer for all those looking for the elusive combination of new sail value, great design and longevity.

The sails are designed in Detroit and all customizations are added at the design stage. The sails are then manufactured to a very high standard in both dacron and newer materials.


The Ullman Sails group has taken ownership of one of the largest sail manufacturing factories in the world based in South Africa which finally gives the respected California based company, Ullman Sails International, full control over all aspects of manufacturing and the capacity to invest exponentially in research and development.

The acquisition of this facility has enhanced the value of the global loft network which means that Ullman Sails can guarantee high-quality manufacturing to back-up its market-leading technology at competitive pricing.

When it comes to sails, Ullman Sails understands that one size doesn't always fit all and their experienced sail designers have always worked hard to ensure that they identify exactly what the customer wants so that every sail is a perfect fit. The acquisition of the manufacturing facility will now ensure that these sails are built perfectly.