Bow and Stern Thrusters
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Aslin Boat Building is pleased to be a dealer and installer of "Sidepower" bow and stern thrusters. These thrusters greatly improve the handling characteristics of most boats. This is invaluable in today's busy harbours.

Please review the sequence of pictures to see how the thrusters should be properly installed.

Here are some things we do that set us apart from other installers. Make sure your installer will do the following at a minimum:
  • We use only epoxy resin in our installations as recommended by Sidepower. Almost all installers I have seen use weaker/poorer secondary bonding polyester resin because it cures faster.
  • We radius the edges of the tunner all round the opening as recommended by Sidepower, this is VERY important to achieve rated thruster horse-power of your expensive unit. Almost all installers do not even attempt to do this.
  • We build up a streamlined fairing on the forward side of the tunnel to deflect water away from the back edge of the tunnel when underway. This saves you money on fuel.
  • We use only colour coded, marine grade, tinned copper battery wire, sized by length of complete run as recommended by Sidepower and the American Boat and Yacht Council (ABYC.) Many installers use welder wire which will corrode and reduce current carrying capacity to the motor. Welder wire also has a soft, easily torn outer jacket.