Just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU!!! The PlasDECK teak looks AWESOME!!! What a fabulous job, you are very meticulous and it looks absolutely amazing. We have people asking for your contact info - we also have our friend Rob (who does boat repairs etc) that was so pleased with your work and how our boat looks that he is going to refer all his clients to you. I am pretty sure you will be getting a lots of business from our friends.

We had people taking photos of our boat, so that speaks volumes . Can you please send us a dozen more or so business cards??? I don't have any left and would like to pass on your info.

Paul n Patty, Bohm, Catalina 38

Firstly I would like to thank you for your services over the past six years and standing by my projects that I have tasked you with.

I started my business relationship with you when I bought my 58’ Viking and needed a bow and stern thruster. You were recommended by a good friend of mine and from there we got things going. You gave me a complete quote of what would be required. The boat is a 12volt system and the thruster for the application only came in 24volt. You installed the thrusters and upgraded my charging system to accommodate the added pieces of equipment. You did all this in the off season and I never lost a day of boating. I was impressed with the timely, clean and professional manner in which this was completed. No mess to clean up after and really just a water test and enjoy. I had a problem with a failing battery charger within warranty. I gave you a call and you made your way to the boat within a couple of days. You removed the charger and installed a new one with no charge to me.

I would call you periodically for advice and you would always pick up your phone and be there with the advice I needed.

In June I approached you again to see about supplying and install a teak like product for the cockpit of my boat. You recommended a product that you were familiar with and again put together a complete quote with all items detailed so as not to miss anything of what I wanted out of this install. You told me at the time that it was a 6 week lead time and once approved by me, the product arrived when you said. Your installation of this product was nothing but professional as expected and a job any boat builder would be happy to call his own install.

Chris; you have been part of a team that has worked on my boat over the years. It is hard to find people in the industry that you are in, that do exactly as they quote and say. You have stayed the course and have really made my investment in my boat worth every penny. You are a great boat builder on many levels and lucky to have you on my team.

I thank you for your input and support over the last 6 years and if the time comes when I require your services again, I know you will be there.

John Reeves, Indulgence III

After many years of consideration I decided to use Chris to install a bow thruster on my 48' sailboat. The exterior thruster tunnel, glass work and fairing was finely finished to deflect water for better performance. The internal electrical was planned and neatly completed incorporating safety and battery backup features.

I am very happy with the professional installation and would highly recommend Chris for thruster installations.

Dan, Celestial 48

Chris's installation of a Side Power SE40 bow thruster and a Variprop feathering prop on my sailboat in the Spring was extremely professional. I was very impressed with the work he did, for example the jig that he set up to drill through the hull was perfectly aligned with the tunnel absolutely at right angles to the boat despite working off the curvature of the hull.

Chris' concept of reducing drag by fairing "eyebrows" on the leading edge of the tunnel was what convinced me initially to contract with him for the installation. I don't believe the thruster tunnel has reduced the boat’s speed under sail; however the feathering prop has certainly resulted in an increase in speed and a wonderful reduction in noise and vibration while sailing.

I do a lot of single-handed sailing and I must say that the bow thruster has reduced the stress of docking considerably with controls at the helm and a remote around my neck so that I can swing the bow even while trying to tame the stern line. I don't use the bow thruster every time but I always have it at the ready; its great insurance and amazing to have in a strong crosswind.

Chris responded to any issues I raised very promptly and he was great at resolving any problems; I highly recommend him.

Derrick Finn, Tru Blu, Hunter 39

The Side Power SE40 Bow Thruster has worked extremely well in my Hunter 40. I am more than pleased with the installation, workmanship and performance. And I find the installation neat, clean and professional. I have found very little difference in performance under sail since it was installed

The Bow Thruster has allowed use to place the boat at docks and slips where it would not be possible to do so with it. We have had other boaters who have stood and smiled as they have watched our Hunter 410 approach or leave the dock. On a large boat with significant windage the Bow Thruster permits getting on or off a dock where it might not be possible without it.  With usually only my wife and I on board, I sometimes wonder what we did without.

I find it ample, and I have no had any problems with it. There is no doubt in my mind I would do the same today.

Dave McCall, Shrew, Hunter 410

If you appreciate a job well done and on time then I must highly recommend Chris Aslin. Chris worked with a very tight budget on my Trawler and even with the usual surprises the job came in reasonably close to budget and was of the highest level of professionalism. Chris has an amazingly broad knowledge of shipbuilding; not only structural but also mechanical, plumbing, electrical and electronics. There doesn’t seem to be a thing with regards to boats that Chris is not competent on.

Chris is a rarity in the marine services profession; competent, honest and conscientious.

Howard Franklin

Chris installed thruster on my H41 3 years ago. It has worked flawlessly. It has good power to move the boat. It tops out in about 25 knots of wind. Best decision I ever made as it has gotten me out of some tight spots. Chris was awesome. His install was meticulous. You would never know that it wasn't a factory install other than the fact that it is likely better. I would not hesitate to recommend Chris for your H39.

Dave, Hunter 410

A few years ago I purchased a 30 year old Nonsuch 30C and started looking for a good shipwright to restore my boat. It wasn’t until I met Chris Aslin and saw his work, that I realized that he was the one I could really trust to do an excellent job. We went through a long list of items that had to be dealt with, discussed price, billing and schedule. Then, Chris went to work. All the electrical, plumbing, teak cockpit and a never ending list of items had to be replaced and installed.

I admired his craftsmanship and was pleasantly surprised to see the accurate detailed billing I was receiving, not just “work in progress” and a bulk figure.

The work was finished on schedule, the boat was launched and everything is working extremely well.

Chris Aslin has done extensive off shore solo sailing and knows that compromising leads to problems. He is a very competent and honest craftsman with a great deal of experience and a pleasant personality.

I can recommend him very highly without reservation.

Karol Ike, JUNO, Nonsuch 30C # 12

After many years of mopping up water leaking through my deck handrails on stormy days I decided to do something about it. I asked Chris to fix the problem and he did.

Throughout the job, I was most impressed with his knowledge and even more so with his skill in making the installation better than new. So much so in fact I could not help but to mention my admiration to everyone I spoke to along the dock. The bonus was his punctuality. The job entailed many steps over three or four visits and he did not let me down of any his time commitments.

It was a small job, but very professionally completed.

Norm, owner of C&C30 Glen Walter

I initially hired Chris based on a referral from another club member and was very happy. He discussed the pros and cons of various options and helped me choose the best solution. His workmanship is really first class and his prices are fair. I would strongly recommend him and will continue to use his service.

Alan J. Coulter

Chris’s service on my boat has been second to none. He gives a personal service, which is when needed, carried out to perfection at a reasonable price. When I was leaving for a boating holiday and my necessary part did not arrive from Beneteau, Chris was prepared to remove a similar part from his boat and install it in mine. You don’t get better service than that.

Rory, Sexy Beast

Chris Aslin is a rare commodity in the boat repair market.

He is impeccably honest, his workmanship is superb and his advice on future repairs has always been reliable.

In addition, he is a pleasure to carry on business with.

I have been fortunate to be able to have Chris maintain and rebuild my 44' Buchanan yawl for the last 20 years. I have no hesitation in recommending Chris to anyone who is considering a maintainance project or a modification of their vessel, be it sail or power.

Michael, s/y Aeolus 

Over a period of approximately twenty months Chris Aslin undertook extensive structural and cosmetic repairs to Zephyr III, a fifty foot 1928 Elco motoryacht. All work was undertaken with a high degree of professional competence and particular sensitivity to the character and age of this unique and very special vessel. Having previously undertaken much restoration and repair myself I especially appreciated Chris’ willingness to collaborate on solutions to various problems and to balance the competing demands of time, cost, structural integrity, authenticity and aesthetics.

This contributed in large measure to a successful outcome and a relationship with Chris which was both enjoyable and rewarding. I highly recommend Chris to anyone considering a similar undertaking.

John Cowle

He works efficiently and produces excellent results. I am looking forward to dealing with Chris on more renovations for the boat.

I've been very satisfied with the work that Chris has done on my Valiant 40 which is being refitted to take on the oceans of the world. He repaired a rotting bulkhead which supports the cutter stay, installed an electric windlass, and built a drop down panel for mounting instruments at the navigation table. His attention to detail and well executed carpentry sets Chris's work apart.

Richard Kolomeychuk, s/v Petite Ourse